FAQ: What is the most flexible payment plan possible

Blog FAQ: What is the most flexible payment plan possible
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Taking flight training is an incredible journey, but let's be honest - it can also be expensive. The good news is, there are ways to make your pilot training dreams a reality without needing an inheritance from a wealthy uncle (or aunt!).
  The key is understanding how flight training costs are structured. Think of it like climbing a mountain. The beginning of your training includes a lot of "dual time" with your instructor, which is like needing a sherpa to guide you through the Himalayas of flight knowledge. This one-on-one instruction is essential, but it's also the most expensive part of your training journey.
  Here's the bright side: the more prepared you come to those lessons, the faster you'll master the skills and the sooner you can start flying solo. Imagine the cost savings of traversing those foothills of flight on your own – just like an experienced hiker tackling less technical terrain.
  Flexible Payment Options Another good news is also that most flight schools understand that flight training isn't cheap, and they offer flexible payment options to help you reach your goals. Here at Canadian Flight Centre, we are committed to making your dreams affordable. With our most common payment plan, you can spread the cost of the first year of training throughout the year, rather than having to come up with a big chunk of money all at once.
  Here's how it usually breaks down:
  • 40% of the cost is due at the start of the program
  • 30% is due after 3 months or 60 hours of flight time (whichever comes first)
  • The remaining balance is due after 8 months or 120 hours of flight time (whichever comes first)
Sometimes other options may be (and often are) considered on a case-by-case basis, especially for advanced students.
  Remember, these are just some of the ways we can help make your flight training dreams a reality. We also encourage you to explore scholarships and financial aid options that can further reduce the burden of the cost.
  Contact us today to discuss your flight training plan and learn more about how you can get started on your pilot training journey!
  Don't wait, this could be the year you take to the skies!
      By Anna Serbinenko