Professional Training

Professional training


If you are seeking a job as an airline pilot, Canadian Flight Centre is THE place to go. CFC offers a 3-year Airline Pilot Diploma program for students of all backgrounds. We guide you through everything you need to know as you start your airline career.
If you chose this elite path, you will still do the PPL, CPL and IFR ground school with other students. However, your flying is more intense and demanding. You are held to a higher standard through mentoring and periodic Performance Evaluations. You are expected to finish your licenses and ratings, including instructor rating, within a total of 15 months.


You are preparing for an exciting career in aviation. At the end of this course, you will feel fully prepared and qualified to apply to Pilot Jobs. Through this program, you are training for something more than a License – you are training for a job as a Pilot.

Flight Dispatcher

In airlines or charters, flight crew are not only the people in the cockpit, but the entire team that makes the flight happen: pilots, flight attendants, baggage crew, security, flight controller and – often unseen – flight dispatchers. Flight dispatchers and pilots must agree that a flight is safe – or it does not happen.

The Flight Dispatcher Program prepares students to a variety of tasks they might encounter as ground support in different flight operations.


Whether you are taking the next step to become a professional pilot, or you want to become a safer, more knowledgeable pilot, the commercial pilot license is extremely rewarding. Why follow the norm and just “get” your commercial pilot’s license when you can earn it with Canadian Flight Centre? Only at CFC, you can train towards your commercial license on some of the newest and best-equipped training aircraft. With the latest innovations in FADEC, fully aerobatic airplanes, a mostly WAAS equipped fleet, turbocharged planes with autopilots, weather radars and so much more. Be fully prepared to meet the new industry standard!


Sometimes two are better than one, especially in airplanes. Learning to fly a multi-engine aircraft or “twin” brings about a new dimension and set of skills for the pilot. This course prepares you to take control of two engines.
A multi-engine rating is a key step in the process of becoming an airline pilot.
Train in our advanced turbocharged Seneca III and Seneca V – surely the best-equipped multi-engine trainers around. From advanced avionics to handling turbochargers, TCAS, de-icing equipment and other advanced systems – they challenge you to become a much more competent pilot on this complex aircraft.
Piper Seneca V flying near mountain


If you want to share your passion for flying, this course is for you! This is a great way to build experience and give back to the aviation industry.
Your instructor rating training will allow you to pass on your knowledge and teach others how to fly an airplane.