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What are the first steps to becoming a pilot?

The first steps to getting your Private Pilots Licence are:
-Start taking flight lessons!

- Get your Class 3 medical, or Class 1 if you want to get your Commercial Licence

- Enroll in a PPL Ground School! Training is much easier if you’re flying and attending ground school at the same time.

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What are the minimum requirements to become a pilot?

There are no special requirements in order to become a pilot.
You do, however, need to be at a minimum age of:
· 14 for your Student Pilot Permit
· 16 for your Recreational Pilot Permit
· 17 for your Private Pilot License
· 18 for your Commercial Pilot License
You will also have to pass your aviation medical exam.

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How long does it take to get my license?

Your flight training varies in length depending on how often you fly. You can obtain your Private Pilot License in a span of 2-3 months if you fly consistently and 3 or more times per week. If you are a weekend flyer, flying once or twice per weekend, you can expect to obtain your PPL in a year or less.

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Is it difficult to fly? Do I need any kind of special skillset?

Anything that is worthwhile takes hard work. Don’t worry! With the help of our professional staff, we will make your flight training an enjoyable experience. Everything you will need to know will be taught by our experienced instructors.

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Do I need to pass a medical test?

You will not need valid medical to start your training! However, you will need to obtain a valid medical certificate to act as Pilot-in-Command (PIC) when you are ready to fly solo as a student pilot.
Here is the category of medical certificate you will need to hold to obtain certain licences:
· A Category 1 medical for Commercial Pilot License
· A Category 3 medical for Private Pilot License
· A Category 4 medical for Recreational/Student Pilot Permit

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How many hours of flight training do I need?

The actual hours of flight training vary among individuals. These are the minimum flight training hours as per Transport Canada:
· Recreational Pilot Permit - 25 total hours
· Private Pilot License - 45 total hours
· Commercial Pilot License - 200 total hours

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Am I too old/young to start flying?

There is no age limit as to when you can start your flight training, and it is never too late to start.
However, you must be at least:
· 14 years old to obtain your Student Pilot Permit
· 16 years old to obtain your Recreational Pilot Permit
· 17 years old to obtain your Private Pilot License
· 18 years old to obtain your Commercial Pilot License

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Can I still fly if I wear glasses?

Yes, you can wear your glasses or contact lenses as long as they are corrected to a 20/20 vision.

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This all sounds interesting, when can I start flying?

To start flying, please get in touch with us! You can reach us at 604-946-7744, or email us at, or use the website contact from. Hope to hear from you soon!

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What services does CFC offer?

Here at CFC, we offer many services over and above your typical pilot training regimens:
• Recreational Pilot Permit
• Private Pilot License
• Commercial Pilot License
• Night Rating
• VFR Over-The-Top Rating
• Multi-Engine Rating
• Instrument Rating
• Instructor Rating
• Aerobatic Instructor Rating
• Tailwheel training
• Upset Recovery Training
• Instrument Proficiency Checks
• Flying Companion Training
• Mountain Check
• Class C Check
• U.S. and Cross-border Check
• Beach Landings
• Professional Pilot Program
• Airline Pilot Program
• Flight dispatcher Program
Administrative and other services
• Authorized person licensing services
• Flight testing (PPL, CPL, Multi-engine, IFR, IPC)

• TC written exams (RPP, PPL and some others)
• Student accommodation
Non-training services include:
• Charter services anywhere in Canada, including mail and cargo
• Sightseeing for individuals or groups
• Aerial photography, surveys, mapping, and patrol
• Aircraft flight and ground ops for movie shoots
• Aircraft maintenance

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What kind of aircraft does CFC have?

We have Cessna 152s and 172s, Piper Cherokees, ACA Citabria, ACA Super Decathlon, Socata TB 10, and Piper Seneca III & Seneca V. We also offer Flight Training Devices (aka Simulators). Click the button below to find out more!

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How is flight training scheduled?

Flight training is scheduled jointly by student and instructor. Flight can be booked online using our in-house booking software called Pegasus, or by giving our dispatch a call

How long usually does a lesson usually take?

A lesson will usually take around 2 hours. You will start off with a preparatory ground instruction that takes 15-30 minutes, followed by roughly a 1.0-1.4 hour training flight. After the flight, you will spend another 5-20 minutes debriefing.

Does CFC "guarantee" that the training will result in a permit/licence?

While Transport Canada has specific requirements for issuing a license in terms of flight and ground school hours, it is granted based on the skill and knowledge of the pilot. Therefore, CFC cannot guarantee that our training will result in a permit or license, as it is determined by the effort and discipline of the student. However, if you are willing to put in the work, we will get you there!

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Is ground school available continuously or intermittently?

Both PPL and CPL Ground School classes are offered weekly with no breaks in instruction. Furthermore, the resources for these classes are always available at our Online Academy.

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Are there any computer-based training facilities?

All of the resources for our PPL and CPL Ground School, as well as our ground resources for our rating and flight training courses, are available through our Online Academy. Practice Exams, in-depth reading, video and media content are all hosted on this website

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Does CFC offer fight simulators or flight training devices?

Both CFC bases are equipped with a Flight Training Device. Our Pitt Meadows location hosts our Percussion Flight Control DCX-MAX flight simulator. The system boasts an impressive list of standard and optional features that make it the most advanced trainer in its class. It can simulate 40 different types of aircraft. Kamloops base features the Precision Flight Control’s CAT II BATD Flight Training Device, capable of simulating 34 different aircraft.

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Will CFC monitor my training progress?

Students can expect “progress check flights” with a Supervising or simply another Instructor every 6-8 flights, and definitely before the first solo and each flight test.

Do the flight instructors follow a standard syllabus, or are they free to conduct their own training regime?

Here at CFC, flight training is very standardized, and instructors are expected to follow the school's training syllabus.