CFC offers charter transportation. That means we can take you to the most remote areas of the province while you are finishing your morning coffee! Chilko Lake from Vancouver in less than two hours or Victoria in 20 minutes? Not a problem!
The flight times and rates, departing Pitt Meadows Airport, are as follows (prices per airplane, up to 3 passengers):


Any other destination: call or email for a quote 604 946 7744 or

Departures are out of Pitt Meadows Airport. Subject to weather and availability – reservation required. All flights are done by
day, 7 days a week

ricing is for the airplane’s round trip with no wait time at the destination, regardless of the number of passengers on board (up to 3). You can go and come back with the plane one or both ways, the price does not change. If you need a few hours of wait time at your destination, and return the same day, the wait time for the pilot and the plane can be purchased at $90/h. If you are traveling one way or return much later or another day, you can purchase a separate plane ride for your pick up at the same rate. The price is per plane, NOT per person. There can be up to 3 passengers in the airplane (max total weight of passengers and cargo 550lbs).
Just pick up the phone, and your airplane and pilot are ready to get you wherever your heart or business desires

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