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Originally published 20-Nov-2012 You want to be a pilot, but think it costs too much? Becoming a pilot is not as expensive as everyone makes it out to be. Just think of it like this, it will most likely cost you the same or maybe a little more as doing a 4 year degree in university. It's just that all that money is being spent in a shorter period of time, making you feel like it is too much. So enjoy your dream, and work towards making it a reality. First off you will start with getting your Private Pilots License (PPL), whether you want a career in flying or just learn how to fly. Now, let's sum up the costs for your PPL. Before everything you start with ground school. You will need a minimum of 45 hours of ground school completed. Ground school is for a period of 3 months if done twice a week, and it will cost a few hundred dollars. I know, you are looking at that amount of money like it's a lot, but think about it, it's only $100-200 a month. Plus the books. What is ground school? Every time it's a 2 hour class that includes all course material to becoming a private pilot and flying an airplane that can be taught in a classroom. Some of the things you will learn include aerodynamics of flight, weather, map reading, decision making, meteorology, and eventually everything you will need to know to pass your examination, both written and practical. Yes, there is an exam at the end of ground school, but don't worry, if you show up to class, do your homework, and try hard I can guarantee you will pass. Plus all you need is a 60% to pass. :) Now you are most likely wondering, will i ever get to fly during ground school? Answer is yes, you will get to go with your instructor. More course requirements toward your PPL include a 45 hour total flight time, which includes:
  • A minimum of 17 hours dual instruction, which then includes:
-5 hours instrument flying -3 hours Cross Country
  • A minimum 12 hours solo flight time, including :
-5 hours cross country All of these things i just listed also have costs. So now let's add them up for an estimated total - CFC dispatch can provide you current pricing. It is quite a bit of money, yes, but you will most likely have your Private Pilots License within a year or so. It all depends on how often you fly. Also it could cost you more than the estimated total listed above, that also depends on how often you will fly, and how many hours of flying you will do, plus on which plane. Completing this course, and acquiring your private pilots license is a very good thing, you can just have it for recreation purposes, or if you want to go into an aviation career, getting this license will put you ahead in university or college. For any further questions or concerns, visit us online,  http://cfc.aero/ or contact us at 604 946 7744 Canadian Flight Centre Navdeep Gill