Student Aid BC

Student Aid BC is Canadian Government (provincial and federal) student loans and grants. Canadian Flight Centre is approved for student loan financing.

Additional conditions must be satisfied by the applicant. The information below is given as a reference only and may change without notice. For exact current numbers and regulations, please consult StudentAidBC.

How to Apply for Student Loans

Application for Student Loans, both provincial and federal shall be made through the Student Financial Aid Partner Portal. The link also includes detailed video on how to use the web portal. You must be a full-time Canadian Flight Centre student on one of our approved Programs. See Attendance Policies for details of full-time studies (min 15 hours per week). Student Loans BC has some limited provisions for part-time studies.

To learn more about StudentAidBC’s terms and policies, click here for Policy Manual, and click here for the Administration Manual.

Programs eligible for student loans include:

  • Professional Pilot Program. It is split into 2 phases: Commercial Pilot Training (code UDC8, 17 weeks duration), Multi-IFR Endorsement (code UGV8, 13 weeks duration). You need to apply for student loans separately for each phase
  • Instructor Rating (code UCZ8, 13 weeks duration)
  • Diploma (code UCX7, 3 years duration). You need to apply for student loans separately for each year).

Contact us for further details and registration:

2020-2021 Information for reference

  1. Maximum Funding Limit. The amount of Student Loans given to you is not primarily dependent on the cost of training, but on the duration of your studies, your income, if you have dependent children and other factors. Student Aid BC gives up to $510 per week for students with dependent children, $320 per week for students without dependent children. In provincial and federal funding combined, loan and grants. The amount above is given for low-income students. If you have income above appx. 24 000/year, this amount would be reduced. Click here for more information.
  2. Re-applying. If you were a full-time student for the duration of the selected program, but have not completed your studies, you can reapply for student loans for the same program again. You usually receive again the same amount for the same duration.
  3. Grants. If you are enrolled in a multi-year program (i.e. Diploma Program) for a minimum of 2 years, and you are from a low-income family, you may receive up to $375/month of non-refundable grants. It means that this portion of the student loan, i.e. up to $4500/year, would not need to be paid back. Students with dependent children can receive an additional grant. Students with disabilities may receive an additional grant of up to $2000/year.
  4. Interest-Free Status. You do not pay interest on your Student Loan as long you are a full-time student and another 6 months after your successful graduation. If you have prior Student Loans, and you go back to school, your interest-free status is reinstated even for the prior Student Loans received.
  5. Full-Time vs. Part-Time. If you have a disability, your course load may be reduced to 60% (i.e. 9 hours/week) and still be considered full-time. Your grant funds (those that do not need to be paid back) are also increased, depending on the disability.
  6. Scholarships. Depending on your personal situation, you might be eligible for government and private scholarships. Government scholarships are available here. Find more up-to-date scholarship information on the CFC website and on the internet.