About the program

Do the complete instructor rating from the back seat of the Citabria. This course equips you to instruct students on tricycle and tailwheel planes, towards private or commercial pilot licenses, or prepare licensed pilots for tailwheel upgrades.
Combine getting your instructor rating with acquiring the rare skill of teaching tailwheel pilots.


Prerequisite: Commercial Pilot License Flight Test Completed. Grade 12 or equivalent, or 19+ years old

We’ll do a Tailwheel Course unless it was done prior. 

Check the Instructor Rating for details on hours requirements.

Note: this course is the Flight Instructor course, taught primarily on tailwheel aircraft


Prerequisite: CPL + Instructor Rating + Tailwheel Course

If you already hold an instructor rating, expand your horizons by offering tailwheel training to your students. Anyone from aspiring bush pilots to CPL students looking for a challenge will find your acquired skill valuable for them.
Note: this training is an additional checkout on tailwheel aircraft for Instructor Rating holders, and does not include the Instructor rating.


Hi Anna, Hope you got back to B.Bay OK.
I'm still on a huge "high" after my mini "aerobatic" flight with you today.
You don't know how much of a role you have played in assisting me to get over a life long fear. I feel so good having conquered the fear of spinning.. I am a little sorry that I didn't take up your offer to try and pull out of a full spin myself. However, I have taken huge strides. At least now I know what to expect so I'm 90% of the way there. So my heartfelt thx to you Anna and I look forward to seeing you at B.Bay in the next week or so to sign up for my PPL lessons. I'll call you before I come to see you.
Kind regards, Bob Moles

Bob Moles

Svetlana Kapanina is an excellent pilot. On Canada'a West Coast, ANNA SERBINENKO trains future private, mountain, and aerobatic pilots in British Columbia, Canada. If you are looking for the best instruction in these abilities, Anna is by far your best choice.

Bruce Culver

Many thanks to all from my side, I really enjoyed time at CFC, the friendly service, the professional training and the warm and friendly atmosphere. I felt not as a customer, my feeling was more being a part of a nice family. Sven Calsbach, trained with Anna Serbinenko and Canadian Flight Centre for his basic and advanced aerobatic course

Sven Calsbach

Being from New Zealand I am wanting to convert my license to a Canadian one. I sat with the aerobatics instructor for an hour and a half and came out knowing every detail and process I needed to do to not only convert my license but also how to continue my flight training. Very informative. The best information I have had since being in Canada with regards to this process. It gives me great confidence in continuing my training in Canada with these guys. Thank you so much. See you soon.

Craig Simpson

What a great place to learn to fly! Especially if you like aerobatics, or want to learn! Anna is a fantastic aerobatics pilot and instructor, and is well connected in the aviation community! I had the opportunity to spend a week doing aerobatics training with Anna in July 2014 and it was the most fun I've ever had!!! It is a true art!!! Thanks Anna and team!!! Safe flying!!! - Ryan Abel 🙂

Ryan Abel

SCHOOL/ECOLE: L’ambiance à l’école est très bien. Je ne connais pas vraiment d’élèves là bas, mais je suis toujours avec les instructeurs. Ils sont 5 pour le moment, ils s’entendent tous très bien et on partage de bons moments tous ensemble. Ils ont passé des heures et des heures à m’aider et continuent à le faire pour ma formation et c’est vraiment le plus de l’école en ce qui me concerne pour ma formation. C’est agréable d’avoir des gens qui peuvent te filer des coups de mains dans une bonne ambiance. L’école n’est pas à dominante Canadienne alors en tant qu’expatrié, c’est plutôt cool. Tout le monde connaît tes problématiques. Le directeur de l’école est allemand, Anna est ukrainienne, la dispatch est Australienne et les instructeurs sont chinois, indiens, irakien, jordanien et le dernier vient du Koweit je crois. Pleins de cultures et une grosse influence « européenne » dans les mentalités, c’est vraiment un gros plus je trouve!

Ugo Paleni

Great flying school.
Enjoying my training thus far and loving every moment of it

Soheil Fatehi

I have just started the instructor program at CFC and all the instructors and staff here are very professional, helpful and friendly! Everyone here is very supportive and the learning environment is great. I have learned lots and my stay here has been very pleasant. Looking forward to flying a lot more with CFC, 5 stars!

Boris Wu