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  To obtain a Canadian Multi-Engine Rating, the following requirement must be met:
  • An applicant wishing to obtain a Multi-Engine Rating, to be endorsed on the CPL-A, must meet the requirements set out in the CARs.
  • If you have 50 hours Pilot-in-Command on multi-engine aeroplanes or have met the standard of the State that issued the rating, in the preceding 12 months (based upon date of application), then Transport Canada may issue your Canadian Multi-Engine Rating based upon your current Multi-Engine Rating.
  • However, if an applicant is unable to satisfy these requirements, they must demonstrate their skill through the successful completion of a practical flight test. Flight test cost $350 + the airplane rental. The amount of training or practice prior to the flight test depends on the pilot's currency and ability. Licencing fee is $30. With a pilot who is current and proficient, the above will take 2-3 days.