Is Canada a good place for flight training?

Blog Is Canada a good place for flight training?



You have heard it before: “Train in 365 days/year in sunshine” that is definitely NOT Canada!

But why would you possibly want to only train in good weather? Do you expect your flying career taking place only in sunny places?

You may never fly in Antarctica, arguably the most challenging climate on the planet (and a high percentage of pilots flying around the South Pole are Canadian trained …), but you probably want your training to include exposure to different climates – And that’s where Canada is unbeatable: You learn to be comfortable in -25 Celsius and +35 Celsius, you will encounter ice and snow, fly in a hot desert climate, encounter ocean flying, practice your mountain flying in the Canadian Rockies – and – yes – you will have the opportunity to do cross country flights into the United States, possibly to Alaska.


But weather and geography are not the only reasons why Canada is a preferred training destination.

Regardless of your citizenship, culture, language or religion, Canada welcomes you!

You will not find discrimination or mistrust – nor from your neighbours and people on the street, nor from the government!


In fact, while other countries only allow you to train and then you have to leave the country,

Canada offers several options to work and live in Canada after your training.

Should that be your goal, we will plan your training to make the transition to a life in Canada easy.


When choosing your flight school, please remember:


  • Canada offers not only a welcoming place to train, but
  • You are usually allowed to work here – both during AND after your training.
  • And if you want to stay and live here – there are options!
  • You will fly in a variety of weather conditions – both VFR and IFR – and you will be comfortable wherever you go next for your first flying job.
  • You will benefit from geographical diversity – oceans and lakes, mountains and prairies will be your training environment.
  • Canada offers vast uncontrolled and remote airspaces as well as highly controlled centres like Toronto or Vancouver.


By Peter Schlieck

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