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I want to be Canadian!

Canada is a very desirable place to work and to live – we would know because most members of our team at Canadian Flight Centre came from other countries to make Canada their home. 

But before we talk about this journey, here is the disclaimer: 

We are legally not allowed to give you advice on immigration matters. We can merely share the story of our students with you. For complete and up-to-date information you should contact an immigration consultant (we can help you with some names…)!

We have another blog written by an immigration lawyer linked below:   How to get a Canadian Student Visa – Aidan Simardone


To become a Canadian citizen is the dream of many –and it is not as difficult as you may think, but it takes time. 


Most of our students that wanted to stay in Canada after their graduation first became “Permanent Residents” (PR) – which gives you pretty much the same secure status as a Canadian citizen. You may not have voting rights, and you can still be sent home if you commit criminal offenses and one student’s PR status was revoked because he left the country again for an extended time. But normally it is only a matter of time before you can apply to become a Canadian… 


But how did our students get their PR status? 

After graduation from their flight training they were able to apply for a work permit – a “Post Graduate Work Permit” (PGWP) to be precise. They benefited from a special provision in the law that makes it easier for students in the aviation industry to work in Canada. 


Once they worked under this work permit for at least one year, they could apply for PR. 

Which means that they needed a PGWP for at least a year! 



How did our students make sure they could get a one-year work permit? 

The duration of a PGWP is usually based on the length of the training. All approved training courses that schools offer have a “time allowance” for which a study permit can be acquired. When a student registers for a 12 month program (like the Professional Pilot Program), the student visa would typically expire after 12 months – enough time to apply for the 1-year-PGWP – as long as the following was accomplished: 


  • They successfully graduated from the program! 

Students that withdrew from the program were automatically disqualified according to the government rules. 

  • They were full-time students – the PGWP is only available to full-time students! 

Some students could not finish their training in the official time allowance. The school can – and often has – helped to apply for a study permit extension, and that’s ok! 

However, if the student dragged out the training beyond a reasonable time, he or she lost their “full-time” status and with that their right to apply for a PGWP! 

IMPORTANT: Please understand that we cannot give you an allowance for more than the official training time when you apply for your study permit – don’t even ask!  

BUT we will be able to extend your training time once you started your training as long as there is a good reason – many students have done it. 


What are the lessons learned? 

  • If your goal is to stay in Canada, you can apply for a program in aviation that qualifies for at least a 1 year PGWP! 
  • Make flight training your priority – NOT the immigration process! That process will happen if you play by the rules and complete your training. 
  • You have an opportunity to receive great flight training – apply yourself and make the best of it – it is your foundation for a successful and exciting career and a good life in Canada! 


  • If your training is NOT your main objective and just an excuse to stay in the country, CFC may not be the right place for you! 


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