About the Experience

Impress your special person by this exclusive romantic beach picnic. An airplane will fly the two of you away and LAND ON THE BEACH on a lonely island.
Leaves you with undisturbed time where nothing but the beauty of the ocean disturbs your adventure. Don’t forget to capture the breathtaking scenery of mountains, ocean and sometimes even whales with your camera.
A filled picnic basket upon request.
Subject to weather and ocean tides.
2 people maximum, max total weight 450 lbs.

Experience time

4-5h. Cost: 1499 CAD +5% GST. Departure out of Pitt Meadows Airport, 11715 Baynes Rd #603, Pitt Meadows, BC.


High School Work Experience with Canadian Flight Centre
I’ve had many opportunities working in aviation jobs, but none can compare to working at the Canadian Flight Centre. I’ve made many new friends and has many unforgettable experiences working with them.

Royale Gaviola (Work Experience Student)

(bought an aerobatic flight for his dad who is about to retire) My family watched the video when we got back home the other day. You were amazing! The flight looked like it was so much fun! He was smiling like a little kid. He's still talking about it today lol. Thank for you helping create that memory for us all.

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday.
Talk soon, Jerry

Jerry Braun

Flying in Vancouver, you are able to combine (1) aerobatics (2) mountain flying (3) sightseeing all into one flight (1.4hrs). Learned loop, wingover, barrel roll and hammerhead from air show performer Anna. Flew over Pitt Lake and through the valleys of Coquitlam Mt. Finally circled around Vancouver downtown and flew over Vancouver Int'l.

Jack Yang

On Monday my father-in-law and I had the great pleasure of flying (I was left-seat and actually had the controls for a bit) out of Kamloops as mu very first flying lesson. now I'm not really meant for lessons - I've simply been an aviation nut since I was a little boy.

It was a truly memorable experience from start to finish. Out host and captain - Chirag - was certainly a key part of the fun we had. And I must day, while i love my job (full-time artist) I do have a certain amount of office envy. Well done all around - already making plans for out next trip up! 🙂

Peter Stuhlmann

I just wanted to thank Peter at the Kamloops center for making my son-in-law’s and my 1st flight a great experience. I had contacted the office 2 weeks before and booked July 5th at 4pm for our back to back flights. It turns out our reservation had not been entered into the books. Peter arranged things to “get it done” for us. The 5th was important as it was my birthday (turned 50) and the flight was my birthday present. Both myself and my son-in-law will be continuing with the lessons and look forward to getting back up there. Thanks again Peter for helping to make my 50th a memory I will never forget.
Much appreciated, Ed Leduc

Ed Leduc

I never could have imagined my recent birthday would include a voucher for an Aerobatic Flight Experience @Canadian Flight Centre, Boundary Bay Airport. The staff at the Flight Centre were very pleasant and helpful while I anxiously waited for my flight - which was right on schedule. Flying with Anna Serbinenko was a truly awesome experience, as she clearly explained where we would be flying, what maneuvers we were about to do, and answered any questions I had. It was amazing to have the opportunity to take control of the aircraft during flight. Anna's enthusiasm for her chosen career in aerobatic flight is infectious, and I am already looking forward to flying with her again.

Eila Stewart

Thanks so much to Anna Serbinenko for the most incredible 30th birthday flight! The aerobatics had me terrified in the best way possible and exhilarated every second through the entire experience. My friends and I watched the videos last night at my 30th party from the go-pro and no one could believe how happy I looked the whole way through! I literally didn't take the smile off my face the entire time! My favorite part was watching Anna's hair when we flipped upside down!
My husband and family bought me this incredibly unique gift and I really can't think of a better way to get the thrill I was looking for on my 30th birthday. I recommend Anna to everyone and the flight centre staff were all friendly and informative about how I can use this as my first hour towards my flying license! How cool!
Thanks again guys, I can't wait to watch the videos again and relive every moment!

Christy Shields

I totally loved my experience, people at the company are polite, nice, and helpful. I enjoyed my flight with Anna, she is a great performer and an amazing instructor.
It was a breathtaking experience and I will definitely come back again and again.

Tim Si