Commercial Pilot License Conversion

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To obtain a Canadian CPL-A, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Complete the medical examination requirements in accordance with the Medical Standards for Civil Aviation Personnel Licensing and be in possession of a Category 1 Medical Certificate. The medical cost is about $150, for a listing of doctors, go to: Transport Canada approved doctors
  2. Proof that the experience requirement is met. An applicant should be able to provide Transport Canada with a log book of their flight experience for review.
  3. Meet the knowledge requirements by successfully completing the following written examination: CPAER This exam cost $105 to write, study guides and books are about $150, ground school cost about $275, the best option is online ground school
  4. Meet the skill requirement by successfully completing a practical Flight Test. Flight test cost $325 plus the airplane rental. The amount of training or practice prior to the flight test depends on the pilot's currency and ability. Click here for aircraft rental rates.
  5. Complete the standard administrative requirements such as submitting proof of foreign citizenship and age, provide the foreign licence and log book for evaluation, submit a licence application form and pay the appropriate fee (This is conducted at a Transport Canada office); licencing fee is $80.

Also fill out Aviation Document Booklet application and bring in a passport picture (original) for the Aviation Document Booklet. With a pilot who is current, proficient, and has prepared for the written prior to arrival, the above will take 1 week.


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