Choosing Your Flight School

As you read this, you're already taking the first steps to becoming a pilot. You should spend some time researching and visiting different flight schools before just signing up at the one closest to you. Every school has its own character, and its own approach to teaching, and you need to find one that suits your unique personality.

The head instructor at a flight school is called the Chief Flight Instructor, and is more commonly known as the CFI. Take some time to chat with the CFI, discuss your goals, and ask any questions you might have. A meeting like this will tell you a lot about that school, and whether it's the one for you.

We hope after meeting our staff, seeing our excellent training facility, and looking at our exceptional lineup of aircraft, you will want to make Canadian Flight Centre your training facility. While visiting, you can book a familiarization flight (known in the industry as a "fam flight").