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Since 1979, Canadian Flight Centre (CFC) had one vision in mind - to share the dream of flying with everyone who desired - not just a privileged few. Since then, CFC has trained thousands of pilots from all over the world – with the same vision in mind. Today we are here to train the next generation of pilots for a career in aviation. Our students come from all over the world to be equipped with the right tools that will help launch their aviation careers. We pride ourselves in a “student-oriented” curriculum using aircraft, resources, and instructors that puts the student’s best interest and safety above everything else while offering them the flexibility to train on different aircraft - varying from tail wheel to turbine! 


Although we have grown over the years, we are still committed to teaching students of all levels how to fly - regardless of their final “destination”.



At Canadian Flight Centre we realized that, in order to train students for their first job, we have to enable them to deal with the challenging flying environment that Canada stands for. More than most schools we expose our students to a challenging training syllabus: ocean flying, mountainous terrain, desert climates and cold winters, landing on remote unprepared landing strips of the Canadian wilderness. We train on a variety of different aircraft: high wing (Cessna) and low wing (Piper), tailwheel aircraft – a Citabria and a Super Decathlon, advanced flight training in multi-engine aircraft like the Piper Seneca V and the King Air C90. Our students fly from Alaska to California. Our turbocharged certified for known icing aircraft have no altitude restrictions that would prevent us from going over the Rocky Mountains, or training in extreme weather conditions. For flight simulation we use the state-of-the-art DCX MAX-NG from Precision Flight Controls that can simulate over 40 different aircraft types, capable of precision GPS approaches (Garmin 530 WAAS) and is certified to do Instrument Proficiency Checks (flight tests).



Pitt Meadows is our main base– a busy training airport on British Columbia’s Pacific coast, just a few miles south of Vancouver and minutes away from the border to the United States. With its International Airport, the Vancouver area is well-known for its complicated and highly regulated airspace structure with the need for frequent communication with air traffic control – sometimes a challenge for new international students. This is why Pitt Meadows is the perfect location for students who already have a bit of flying experience. Plus, ocean flying and flying into the US airspace are available options in this location. Unfortunately, weather conditions (specifically in the winter) may cause some downtimes which makes the duration of flight training often unpredictable if you don’t time it right. 

This is why we established our second location in Kamloops. Canadian Flight Centre’s second base is located in the center of British Columbia. Here we fly year-round in weather conditions that rarely restrict flight training. Kamloops has a desert climate and is located in a mountainous region. The airspace is largely uncontrolled, which makes it easy for international students to start flight training.

Our students enjoy a number of online tools that can help them during flight training – or in preparation for it. Our Online Academy provides all the knowledge that you need throughout your training. You can start your pilot ground school training before you receive your visa from the comfort of your own home!



We can provide, or assist to find, accommodation and transportation to immerse students in a learning environment that allows them to maximize their studying efforts. Our instructors assume the role of a coach or mentor and throughout the organization, we have an open-door policy that makes our students part of our family – many have remained friends long after they moved back to their home country.



With our charter operation and instructor rating training, we are able to provide work for selected graduates.




To enroll with CFC, please fill in THIS FORM and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Rob Euler

5 star

Lufthans slogan is its no better way to fly....

CFC its no better way to learn Flying ... nice greetings from germany !!!!