Basic Flying

You've stared up at passing planes since you were a little kid. You had (have) “flying dreams”. Always wondering what it would feel like to fly but felt that this dream was too big to ever come true. Now, you found CFC and are thinking about taking your first step towards your flying dream.

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You need a plane for recreation, training, or to get to work. And you need it fast. Whether you are planning your next flying vacation or you want to take advantage of the nice weather, CFC has a large fleet of professionally maintained planes to assist your everyday flying needs.

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This one-day ground-school-only course covers topics such as how the airplane flies, reading an aeronautical chart, talking on the radio; interpreting instruments, what to do in an emergency, safety tips, weather, and more... so you can enjoy flying and be a better flying companion. Advance registration required - contact us!

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Recreational Testimonials

Thembi Nonyane

5 star

I give Anna 5 stars because she is doing a good job. Will recommend her 2 any one who wants to get trained. Keep up the good work.

Krishan Khurana

5 star

I have great experience of flying with Anna at CFC. I enjoyed every part of my training. I recommend CFC & Anna to everyone who ever dreamed of flying.

Vincent Cui

5 star

I started my PPL course with CFC after I did my fam flight here. Since I was a kid I dreamed to fly a plane, and CFC made my dream come true! It's amazing to have such an awesome hobby at an awesome flight school!

John Magaling

5 star

Got my PPL here back in 2011 and the experience was wonderful. Well maintained aircraft, excellent instructors and friendly, knowledgeable dispatch staff. Anna did an excellent job of teaching and getting me through my exams in a fun, professional way. I hope to start flying with them again in the near future.

Erin Nevison

5 star

Canadian Flight Center is extremely professional, helpful and resourceful. Flying with them was one of the best experiences of my life and I always recommend it to my flying friends!

Rob Hadley

5 star

Anna is an amazing pilot. She brings her love of flight to every experience flying with her. It is hard to imagine a pilot who brings more confidence and ability to the cockpit. I always look forward to my time with her.

Jason Brawn

5 star

I've been flying with CFC for 15 years, and hope to continue doing so for many more. The beautiful, well-maintained aircraft fleet initially caught my eye, but the excellent instructors and professional staff are why I keep coming back. The owner, Peter, is a true gentleman and a joy to fly with, and Anna, the aerobatics instructor, took me for an inverted-looping-and-rolling flight that still makes me grin to think about!