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The classroom seminar covers the variety of relevant topics on border crossing and flying in the United States:

  • Arrival procedure into US
  • Departure procedure from US and arrival to Canada
  • Sectional and terminal charts, flight planning
  • Communication, clearances and VFR procedures
  • Places of interest and actual planning of the group trip to US
The seminar is followed by a group flight to one of the exciting destinations, while applying the procedures and knowledge picked up from the seminar. 
Note: this training is an add-on/skill training only and does not lead to any license or rating
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Adventure Flying Testimonials

David Dryden

A few years ago I was golfing at Sandpiper and saw that there was a grass runway down one of the fairways. From that day on it was my goal to fly into Sandpiper and play golf. On Friday I flew in with my instructor Anna Serbinenko and had lunch. I guess golf will have to wait for my next trip. Here is the take off. 

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