Class C Check

Getting comfortable coming to and from major international airports, transiting their zones and sharing the radio frequency with Air Canada and Westjet - is a matter of good preparation of the trip and some specific skills.

Typically, the checkout consists of about 2 hours of ground briefing, nav log preparation and weather briefing, and then a flight of approximately 2.5 - 3 hours taking you to Victoria International Airport, Vancouver International Airport and a couple of regional airports with specific procedures.


Note: this training is an add-on/skill training only and does not lead to any license or rating

Adventure Flying Testimonials

David Dryden

A few years ago I was golfing at Sandpiper and saw that there was a grass runway down one of the fairways. From that day on it was my goal to fly into Sandpiper and play golf. On Friday I flew in with my instructor Anna Serbinenko and had lunch. I guess golf will have to wait for my next trip. Here is the take off.