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Flying into Thin Air

by Peter Schlieck

October 25, 1999, Aberdeen, South Dakota – After running out of fuel, a Learjet Model 35, tail # N47BA spirals to the ground and crashes, killing all occupants of the plane. – What had happened?

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Don't Hold it to Yourself - Share!


3pm in Vancouver International on a rainy February 2009 and KLM announces the boarding of its direct flight to Amsterdam. A young lady comes to the service agents of the flight, asking if she could back seat the flight from the cockpit. The elderly lady at the front desk almost seems to be offended by such request, and throws out a firm NO. How could someone even imagine something like this would be allowed - now! - after September 11! But the determined young woman does not takes a no for an answer. The insists on talking to the captain. Five minutes later, with the charming smile, touching story of a single mom student pilot and the sparkle in the eyes, she got her pass into the jump seat granted!
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How to Become a Class 1 Flight Instructor


By Dr. Anna Serbinenko, Class 1 Instructor Aeroplane and Class 1 Aerobatics
Or better to say, "how to pass that class 1 instructor flight test".
On the first place, i am writing this not because i have been there for decades and I know it all. To the contrary, i just got my class 1. And while it's fresh, just sharing it here.


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A Great Story

It is almost 11 yrs since 9/11 and here is a wonderful story about that terrible day.
Jerry Brown Delta Flight 15... (true story) A GREAT STORY
Here is an amazing story from a flight attendant on Delta Flight 15, written following 9-11:
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What is IFR and is it for you?

IFR ("Instrument Flying Rules") rating, also known in Europe as IR ("Instrument Rating"), is an addition to your pilot license that allows you to fly airplane without outside visual reference. Basically, in clouds.










Because instrument flying is so different from visual flying, it is not included in the basic pilot license, not even commercial. It is a separate set of knowledge and skills that you are expected to have to be in this, quite hostile, environment.

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By Peter Schlieck, Aviation News Journal, Autumn 2010

Record freezing temperatures, landscapes frozen in time and polar bears larger than life: that is Alaska - at least that's our picture of this outpost of civilization.


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