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Four Point Marking Scale - Pitfalls since the September 2019 Revision

In the past, the marking rules on a flight test in essence were the following:

  • "4" is good
  • "3" - minor mistakes
  • "2" - major mistakes, going outside tolerances, but correcting in a timely manner
  • "1" - critical mistakes, going outside tolerances without correcting, exceeding twice the tolerances
  • Outcome of the flight test: as long as you don't get any ones, it's a pass. More or less. 
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How to Nail That PPL/CPL Flight Test? Checklist











This manual is a compilation of the number of pre-flight tests and flight test debrief and I witnessed over the years. I have no intention to re-write the Flight Test Notes book, as it is an excellent source for the preparation flight test, both ground and in-flight portion, private and commercial. Below is just a quick checklist summary of the main points – if you do not nail those few items, your (or your student’s) flight test WILL go South really quick.

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