Sven Calsbach


Many thanks to all from my side, I really enjoyed time at CFC, the friendly service, the professional training and the warm and friendly atmosphere. I felt not as a customer, my feeling was more being a part of a nice family.

Sven Calsbach, trained with Anna Serbinenko and Canadian Flight Centre for his basic and advanced aerobatic course



Today I’m happy to send you first pictures of our new family member. We, Anja and me are proud to announce the delivery of our brand new toy: EXTRA 330 LT Aerobatic-Tourer, fully loaded with EFIS gimmicks (Aspen, Garmin,) and factory smoke.

We are so happy and we have to thank both of you. Nearly one year ago we arrived in Boundary Bay and spent one of the most fascination vacation we ever had. You (both) can be proud to be the mental parents for this crazy decision, buying an own aerobatic plane.. Remember I did the aerobatic training with Anna on your still fascinating Decathlon. Anna put the aerobatic-seeds in me and Peters first decision to sell that plane to me was the beginning of the project what I would call: “Make your dreams come true”.  You were informed about some frustrations on the way of realization but in the middle of November 2012 we signed the contract. Extra aircraft built it and realized our wishes the next month’s up to the end of May. Then there was that boring paper-stuff and we have to wait and wait for the papers…But now: since last week,  it is real. Located on Aachen Airfield (EDKA) 80 km far from Brueggen. The next three or four months we are expecting a hangar on a little airfield 20 km nearby (EDLF).