Night Rating

Experience flying in a whole new light. Twilight and evening hours are some of the most beautiful times to be in the air. And after all, only being qualified to fly during the day means you’re missing out on a half the fun.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to safely enjoy flying after dark. Learn how take-off’s and landings are different in the dark, prepare to deal with emergencies, enjoy a whole new world of flying.

PRE-REQUISITE: Private Pilot License

AGE: An applicant shall have reached their seventeenth birthday

MEDICAL FITNESS: Be in possession of Category III medical or higher

KNOWLEDGE: Night operations aeroplane ground school instruction


  • 5 hours night dual, incl. 2h night cross-country
  • 5 hours night solo, incl. 10 take-offs and landings
  • 10 hours instrument flying

Note: any instrument time that the pilot has previously acquired (e.g. 5 hours from the PPL course) can be credited towards the 10 hours of instrument time requirement.
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