In this section we've gathered useful information for each stage of your flying - from getting your first medical to great ideas for long commercial cross-country flights. If you have any further inquiries, contact us!

Canadian Flight Centre has a limited number of rooms in our Pilot Accommodation in Kamloops and in Vancouver area (Surrey).

By Anna Serbinenko, In Flight USA, March 2015

When I picked up the phone, tears were rolling down my cheeks. Facing some beginner airshow performer struggles – more criticism than love – I was discouraged

It's a breathtaking hobby!

The cost of living in Canada depends on your lifestyle.

By Anna Serbinenko, In Flight USA, February 2015

When I was a student pilot, we were strictly banned from any “off-airport” landings. 

It's a Challenging Career

Student Aid BC are Canadian Government (provincial and federal) student loans and grants. Canadian Flight Centre is a approved for student loan financing. 

By Anna Serbinenko, In Flight USA, January 2015

Lessons learnt from the ICAS 2014 conference.  

Here are some scholarships and awards available for flight training.

By Peter Schlieck, Aviation News Journal, Autumn 2010

Record freezing temperatures, landscapes frozen in time and polar bears larger than life: that is Alaska - at least that's our picture of this outpost of civilization.

A medical examination from a Transport Canada-approved medical examiner is required before your first solo flight.

We understand that pursuing your aviation dreams can be a financial challenge for many new pilots. With over 30 years of experience assisting students just like you, we can often help you find solutions that will allow you to proceed with your training.

WINGS magazine, February 2008

Once forgotten, the future looks bright.

As you can see from the chart at the top, once you have your Private Pilot license, where you go, and what skills you choose to learn is completely up to you.

Welcome to the challenging course of a Flight Instructor Rating. The course is a rigid program, designed to prepare flight instructors within the minimum Class 1 times - and maximum homework, self-study, buddy practice and critique. It will be a lot of hard work, and often it might seem you don’t see results. Do not get discouraged! be patient and persistent. The sparkle in the eyes of your first solo student will be much worth it!

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By Peter Schlieck, Aviation News Journal, January 2011

Remember the days when you were a student pilot? Your instructor had changed your life as you knew it, given you the flying bug, made bookings for you, told you where to go and what to do. 

As you read this, you're already taking the first steps to becoming a pilot. You should spend some time researching and visiting different flight schools before just signing up at the one closest to you. Every school has its own character, and its own approach to teaching, and you need to find one that suits your unique personality.

By Anna Serbinenko, In Flight USA, April 2015

Some pilots spend their precious two weeks annual break from work frying themselves in the Hawaiian or Mexican sun. 

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