Aerobatic Flight

Put the world upside down! 

 Aerobatic flight at Canadian Flight Centre

Aerobatic flight at Canadian Flight CentreIf you dare, then we have a special adventure for you!

During this 1 hour flight you will put yourself in the shoes of the “air show heroes” and learn some aerobatic tricks from our experienced instructors. No prerequisites of flying skills, except enjoying 3D freedom for real. Learn more here.


Book your flight today ! 604 946 7744 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cost: $595. Optional video 1 camera: $55, 2 cameras: $75. Taxes apply.

AcroExperience | 595 USD

1AcroCamera | 55 USD

2AcroCameras | 75 USD


International Testimonials

Rob Euler

5 star

Lufthans slogan is its no better way to fly....

CFC its no better way to learn Flying ... nice greetings from germany !!!!

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