Prerequisite: licensed pilot

Do you know how you will act if your airplane inadvertently gets in unusual attitude? How safe are you? Can you be fully aware of the situation and recover from it, saving the life of yourself and your passengers?

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Need to go over some clouds to a sunny destination? Not a problem! VFR OTT expands your horizons and enhances your skill in instrument navigation.

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Some say, this is where the real flying is... Whether it is true or not, flying a tailwheel plane expands your flying horizons and is a lot of fun! An almost must-do for commercial pilots, very much recommended for everyone!

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The classroom seminar covers the variety of relevant topics on border crossing and flying in the United States:

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Experience flying in a whole new light. Twilight and evening hours are some of the most beautiful times to be in the air. And after all, only being qualified to fly during the day means you’re missing out on a half the fun.

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